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Révéler offers theatrical, immersive adventures of specially cultivated art experiences on Friday and Saturday evenings, and 'Turing's Shadow - An Escape,' all designed to elicit wonder, laughter and joy.

The Jug of Quazimodo

Your challenge begins with clay and the magic already in your fingertips. Fear not the ghostly arms wrapped around you in a warm embrace, for time is not on your side.
An exploration of pottery.

Death Ink

A stiff one awaits, with pens and needles to be marked forevermore. Make haste! Rigor mortis sets in quickly, making your canvas all the less forgiving.
An exploration of tattooing.

The Masque of the Beast

Who says good and bad are bound to beauty and ugliness? Faces can communicate entire worlds before the character underneath is revealed.
An exploration of sculptural multimedia mask making.

Magic Sands

The hourglass is broken and the sands of time slip through your hands. Light pierces the dark as you race to create a magnum opus out of the shadows.
An exploration of sand art animation.

Rorschach's Riddle

Whether you see a butterfly or the dark void spreading across the canvas, the funny or the absurd, your masterstroke will challenge the balance of madness and truth.
An exploration of paint blots and polygraphs.

The Light of Genius

The simplest moments from all of time are recorded in light and spread into infinity, though you will have decidedly less than that to make your monumental work and leave your mark on the cosmos.
An exploration of light painting.

Red's Parlor

Like a siren calling you to the rocks, the Queen demands your focused attention. Take heed! Her watery song and fascinating form will color the rest of your days...
An exploration of watercolor illustration with our mermaid as your muse.

The Master's Mark

Center yourself to find who you truly are. How will you carve out your space in this life? Dip into the colorful flow of the universe and find out.
An exploration of carving and hydrodipping.

Turing's Shadow - An Escape

A powerful institute. A sudden disappearance. A menacing presence. Join us at the Révéler Society as investigators to solve the mystery of the missing artist, a promising Luminary named Turing. The threads of the case have been collected, but only a creative and intrepid team can uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath Révéler's surface. Summon your wits and enter.


Enter a world of curiously curated experiences.

We do not accept any riff raff test subjects off the street. A reservation is required!

— the offerings —

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A champagne soaked hands-on immersive and theatrical art experience.  

Fridays and Saturdays

7:00pm and 9:00pm 

seventy minutes

reservations required

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Join us at The Révéler Society as investigators to solve the mystery of the missing artist, a promising Luminary named Turing.

Saturdays and Sundays

12:30pm, 2:15pm, 4:00pm

sixty minutes

reservations required


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We are so pleased to welcome ORBITAL MUSIC PARK and all of their talented musical members. 

 Sundays through Wednesdays

7:30pm to 10:00pm

Happy Hour music with a rotating line up on Thursdays 6:00pm to 9:00pm

no reservations necessary