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Your every question. Answered.

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY it is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a riddle, washed down with champagne…a hands-on theatrical art experience.  Every experience is a mischievous exploration of art and served up in three segments.  Your journey begins in our lounge with a complimentary drink, after which you are escorted back to one of eight mystery experiences and given your quest.  Upon completion of your quest you are guided to a larger group finale.

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY it is a sumptuous space in which to have a drink [bubbly, beer or wine], have a sneak peek at the experiences.

NO.  No it is not.

Révéler is the heart and art yin to the escape room’s puzzles and logic yang.

If an escape room is what you’re after, we invite you to our sister sites Gnome & Raven or Escape Room RVA!

True art is always dangerous! But generally, as long as you don’t require a cork at the end of your fork at the dinner table, you will be perfectly fine.

Yes!  Six of our eight experiences are wheelchair accessible.  RED’S PARLOR and THE MASQUE OF THE BEAST are the exceptions, and not wheelchair accessible.

A true artist fully engages their body, mind AND spirit, but if your mind is willing but your body reflects  your endless days of malaise watching Netflix and drinking wine like the bourgeoisie, never fear! You will be in good company.

 YES! We do not accept any riff raff test subjects off the street. A reservation is required! Find available reservations at Be certain you receive a booking confirmation – without this, your reservation may not be confirmed!

NO!  Join us for a sneak peek of the space and the experiences.

The price is scaled dependent upon how many guests [two guest minimum] are in your party:

2 guests – $39 each

3 guests – $34 each

4 guests – $30 each

5 guests – $28 each

Remind them that they give mediocre gifts for your birthday, and their poor planning has dampened your joy once again. Each station is limited to five people [QUASIMODO holds four].

For parties of six of more, you’ll wish to choose two or more experiences, though worry not!  You’ll only be separate for a portion of the whole experience.

Happiest of birthdays to you!

Please note that there is neither time nor space to serve your cake before, during or after your booked experience.

If you’d like to rent our entire facility, it would be our pleasure to host you – and your cake!

Masks are welcome though not required.


This is for your edification only!  You will be prompted to acknowledge and accept the terms of the waiver when you book a reservation.

Reveler is located at 3108 West Cary Street. Parking is widely available on the street, and there are also lots located directly behind our building and across the street.
We recommend comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, and close-toed shoes! Art IS messy, as is life. If you do not want your expensive pumps and pretty things speckled with the detritus of genius, dress accordingly.
Yes. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve each experience.
The doors will open precisely 1 minute prior to your reserved time and close promptly five minutes after your reserved time. If you are late, you can look through the window longingly and ponder your poor time management skills.
No. You will be on your own and will be assessed accordingly.

All experiences are private, shared only with those whom you’ve invited for the first portion of the event. Thereafter, you will interact with the other guests during a larger collaborative experience.

Call us! We will work together to find the perfect time to host your event.

Not even remotely, unless perhaps you are an introvert in which case DANCING BEASTS may take you out of your comfort zone!

We require at least 72 hours notice if you must cancel or reschedule your experience. Your party must be rescheduled within three [3] months. Please remember that for cancelled parties, your 50% deposit is non-refundable.
During inclement weather events we will occasionally bend the rules of our cancellation policy. Give us a call at (804) 918-5681 and we can reschedule your event for you.

Sessions are available for bookings three months in advance. If you are interested in a date farther than three months out, please call us at (804) 918-5681.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows are for 18+.

Wednesday and Thursday Luminous Hours are 21+.

The fastest way to receive a response to an inquiry is via email, at!
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