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The reviews are in.

Seriously the most fun and creative experience I’ve ever even heard of! Every single person we met was absolutely fabulous. We all can’t wait to go back to check out some of the other rooms!!

L. Jones

Stepping into Reveler is like stepping backward in time to a fantastical party full of personalities and mystery and fun. It even smells scrumptious. There is meticulous attention to detail in the interior decor, the costumes, and the actors’ personas. The champagne flowed immediately, and we were whisked away to start our adventure. By the end of it, we were elated and felt like we had made 5 new, albeit eccentric, friends. We left with that bittersweet feeling of finishing a great book - you loved the ride and you’re sad it’s over. It was a delightful afternoon. This is the highest quality immersive experience I’ve ever attended - we love escape rooms and interactive theater and have been to many versions of both. We tend to have plenty of critiques but not this time. I do not know how Reveler puts on such a show and at such reasonable prices. It feels like a steal. I CANNOT wait to try ALL of the other experiences.

J. Bennett

This experience was fantastic. We loved it and will absolutely be back.

R. Carlysle

We went on a double date here and had a blast. The whole place is very well themed and the experiences are immersive and a lot of fun. The staff do a wonderful job of bringing the theatrical experience to life, and the drinks are icing on the cake!

L. Whitton

Reveler is a magical experience that I cannot get enough of. I’ve been here twice, once on a date with my husband and then again in a double date. We are so thankful to do these experiences as they inspire us to create afterwards. The magic is wonderful in each of the spaces and I envy the cool tools and processes. The hosts are so lovely and sociable, I really enjoyed how it felt like a mystery dinner meets sci-fi adventure. Can’t wait to return!