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Enter a world of curiously curated experiences.

We invite you to embark on a journey through theatrical, immersive adventure designed to elicit wonder, laughter and joy.

— How it works —

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Guests arrive to a glass of champagne before their hands-on theatrical art experience.

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Guests are escorted behind the curtains to one of eight unique and curious activities. 

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After an hour of art exploration, guests enjoy a final champagne toast to celebrate the experience. 

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Unique experiences designed to produce wonder, laughter, joy and excitement.

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Do I need a reservation for this hands-on theatrical art experience? 

YES! We do not accept any riff raff test subjects off the street. A reservation is required to participate! Make your reservation now. Be certain you receive a booking confirmation – without this, your reservation may not be confirmed!

How big can my group be?  

Perfect for groups of any size, from two friends to forty co-workers!  Simply choose the appropriate number of experiences for your group size.


We are a hands-on theatrical art experience.  Have a peek, and come get your hands dirty, drink some bubbly with us!

[We are NOT an escape room, but if that is what you’re after, we invite you to our sister sites Gnome & Raven or Escape Room RVA.]